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Winning SB-9000 Mini Floor To Ceiling


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Winning SB-9000 Mini Floor To Ceiling Ball is the ultimate tool your boxing training! Designed with care to the smallest detail, this mini floor to ceiling ball is great for working on your timing, accuracy, and overall boxing skills.

Made from premium quality synthetic leather, this floor to ceiling ball is just 7cm in size. The result? Unmatched durability and longevity, ensuring that it can withstand even the most intense training sessions without losing its shape or performance.

Weighing just 40g, the Winning SB-9000 Mini Floor to Ceiling Ball is incredibly lightweight, allowing for lightning-fast movements and rapid strikes. Its featherweight design enhances your speed and agility, enabling you to sharpen your reflexes and react swiftly in the ring.

Included with the mini ball is an attached elastic stretch cord, perfect for immediate use. This cord provides the ideal amount of resistance, challenging you to push your limits and improve your strength. You can focus on honing your technique and building your power without the need for additional equipment.

The Winning SB-9000 Mini Floor to Ceiling comes packaged with small hooks to attach quickly & easily anywhere. Basically whether you're training in a professional gym or looking to transform a door frame at home, this Winning floor to ceiling can be securely fixed. Therefore giving you the flexibility to practice anywhere you desire.

Transporting your training gear has never been easier. Thanks to its compact size and lightweight composition, the SB-9000 is highly portable. Simply pack it in your gym bag or carry-on, and you're ready to train anytime, anywhere.

Improve your footwork, enhance your hand-eye coordination, and fine-tune your precision with the Winning SB-9000 Mini Floor To Ceiling Ball. Unleash your full potential and experience the winning edge that this exceptional training tool provides. Order yours today at Seconds Out!