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Venum Kontact Shin Guards

By Venum

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Venum Kontact Shin Guards are made from 100% high quality cotton & are the perfect choice for Muay Thai sparring. This choice of material ensures a soft and breathable feel against the skin plus a remarkable level of durability. Not only are these are great price, but are also extremely durable. Able to withstand countless hard training sessions.

The slip-on design of the Kontact Shin Guards stop the hassle of dealing with traditional strap closures. With this innovative feature, you can effortlessly slide the guards on. Therefore saving valuable time and energy before each training session. The guards boast a secure velcro strap at the top. This adds an extra layer of stability and ensures a snug fit. Therefore helping prevent the shin guards from slipping during intense movements.

The flexibility of the fabric used in these shin guards is another key attribute that sets them apart. The material provides an excellent range of motion, allowing fighters to execute their strikes and kicks with ease and precision. This flexibility not only enhances the overall performance but also helps to minimise the risk of strain or injury to the wearer.

While providing exceptional protection, they also help condition and strengthen the shins over time. Through regular use, the guards aid in gradually toughening the shins, allowing fighters to withstand harder strikes as they progress in their training.

In conclusion, the Venum Kontact Shin Guards are a superior choice for Muay Thai sparring. With their high build quality, slip-on design, secure velcro strap, flexible fabric, and the ability to condition shins, these shin guards offer an unbeatable combination of comfort, protection, and performance. Whether you're at fighter level or just starting out, these shin guards are a reliable piece of equipment that will support you throughout your training journey. Upgrade your equipment today with the Venum Kontact Shin Guards!