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Venum 4m Kontact Hand Wraps

By Venum

Venum 4m Kontact Hand Wraps

Venum 4m Kontact Hand Wraps are an essential accessory for any stand-up combat sports such as Boxing or Muay Thai. These hand wraps provide a winning combination of comfort, durability and a secure fit.

The key feature of these 4m wraps is their stretch material. This type of material we always recommend at Seconds Out vs traditional cotton. This ensures a snug and comfortable wrap around your hands without having to wrap so tight it cuts of circulation. Made from high-quality elastic fabric, these wraps conform to the shape of your hands. Therefore providing a customised fit that gives you the confidence to deliver powerful strikes without worrying about your hand support.

To guarantee a secure fit, these Venum hand wraps are equipped with a quality velcro strap. This strap keeps the wraps in place during intense training sessions and fights, preventing them from slipping or unravelling.