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Sting Armaplus Head Guard

By Sting

Sting Armaplus Head Guard

When it comes to safeguarding during intense sparring sessions the Sting Armaplus Full Face Head Guard is a great choice. The perfect choice if your buying your first head guard for boxing. Or simply looking for a quality head guard at a great cost.

At the core of the Sting Armaplus Full Face Head Guard is its innovative SLV3 outer skin. This state of the art material is designed to withstand the rigors of sparring. Therefore this serves as your first line of defence, absorbing shocks and dispersing them evenly to minimise the risk of injuries.

Additionally protection isn't compromised in any aspect with this head guard. The Sting Armaplus offers excellent cheek and ear protection, shielding you from direct hits. This coverage ensures that your focus remains solely on your training.

Comfort and security go hand in hand with the Sting Armaplus head guard. Its secure velcro chin strap guarantees a snug fit that doesn't compromise mobility. Additionally, the incorporation of not just one, but two velcro straps; one on the chin and the other at the back of the head. There are also secure laces at the top of this boxing head guard. This provides a secure fit for each wear.