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Pulseroll Vibrating Foam Roller pro


Take your recovery to the next level with the Pulseroll Vibrating Pro Foam Roller. When you're training hard, or just working hard in day to day life aches, pains, soreness & tightness are all too common. A standard foam roller will provide lots of benefits, but this vibrating foam roller is next level. The scientifically proven vibration technology increases blood flow & oxygen to your muscles by as much as 22%. This really helps speed up your recovery and maintain the strength in your muscles. There are 5 speed variations and different settings of intensity to customise the perfect recovery session for you. This foam roller can be used all over the body and this can easily be done on your own. We noticed a huge difference between this Pulseroll vibrating foam roller and a standard one, and we're confident you'll notice the difference as well.