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Crep Protect Cure Cleaning Kit


Crep Protect Cure Cleaning Kit: Your Ultimate Sneaker Salvation!

Are your favourite sneakers or boxing boots starting to look a little worse for wear? It's time to revive their glory with the Crep Protect Cure Cleaning Kit, a game-changer in sneaker care. This kit brings together innovation, eco friendliness, and effectiveness to ensure your kicks always look fresh.

At the heart of this kit is a 98% natural solution that works wonders in removing dirt and marks from your footwear. Therefore ensuring they always look their best. Whether you're dealing with everyday scuffs or more stubborn stains, our specially formulated cleaning solution has got you covered. As well as sneakers, the amazing Crep Protect Pure Cleaning Kit also works great on boxing boots or wrestling shoes.

Inside the sleek and stylish package, you'll find a cleaning brush and a high quality microfiber cloth. These two tools are perfect for removing blemishes and restoring your sneakers to their original brilliance.

One of the standout features of the Crep Protect Cure Cleaning Kit is its impressive longevity. Depending on how much solution you use, this kit has the power to rejuvenate approximately 50 pairs of sneakers.

But this Crep Protect kit isn't just limited to sneakers. It's suitable for cleaning all types of footwear including boxing shoes or wrestling boots. No matter your style or footwear preference, this kit is your all in one solution for maintaining a fresh, clean look.

Finally, the kit comes in a lovely zip-up compact travel box with a reusable tray. Therefore making it incredibly convenient to take on the go.
How to Use Your Kit

    1. Pour warm water into the tray and dip the brush to wet it

    1. Apply a few drops of the cleaning solution onto the brush and gently scrub away the dirt

    1. Wipe off any foam residue with the microfiber cloth

In conclusion, invest in the Crep Protect Cure Cleaning Kit, and you'll never have to worry about dirty boxing boots again. Keep your footwear collection looking its best, no matter where your adventures take you. Say goodbye to grime and hello to sneaker perfection with this essential cleaning kit.