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Cleto Reyes Safetech Fight Gloves


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Cleto Reyes Safetech Fight Gloves

Cleto Reyes Safetech Fight Gloves are made to the same spec as the traditional version with one main difference. The Traditional version have horsehair in the knuckle padding. These Safetech fight gloves have layers of foam padding instead. This not only offers more protection for your hands but also makes the gloves more durable. Perfect if you're looking to use as a glove for hitting the bag/pads. They have a secure lace design to maximises the wrist support and the iconic Cleto Reyes logo is embroidered onto the gloves wrist section. These Safetech Fight Gloves have an extremely comfortable fit form the first wear. It's always easy to tell when you're wearing a real high quality pair of boxing gloves and these Reyes Safetech boxing gloves are definitely that!