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Cleto Reyes Rounded Face Bar Head Guard


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Cleto Reyes Rounded Face Bar Head Guard

This Cleto Reyes Rounded face Bar Head Guard provides you with the ultimate in protection. Take minimal damage when sparring whether you're weeks out from a big fight, or just don’t want to go into work marked up from sparring! Made from premium leather & hand made in Mexico. This head guard comes in 1 size only, but is fully adjustable. there are 2 straps on the rear and laces at the top to customise your fit. The great thing about this rounded bar is there is more viability than most other bar head guards.

This boxing head guard is best fitted for anyone Super Middleweight & above. If you are lighter weight or have a small/medium size head we recommend checking out the pointed version of this head guard. This head guard is top quality and perfect for anyone looking for a boxing headguard that will last.