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Cleto Reyes Pointed Face Bar Head Guard


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Cleto Reyes Pointed face Bar Head Guard

The Cleto Reyes Pointed Face Bar Head Guard is the original headguard launched by Reyes. It offers ultimate protection for boxing sparring, therefore allowing you to minimize any damage you may take. The sturdy nylon bar and premium padding provide maximum defense. In addition the secure chin strap and two hook and loop straps on the back ensure a perfect fit. Comes in a one size fits all, but this head guard is suitable for lighter weight classes, up to middleweight. While it may also fit heavier weight classes, the rounded option is preferable for those. However, with its fully adjustable feature, this head guard can accommodate a range of sizes. Don't settle for anything less than the best - choose the Cleto Reyes Pointed Face Bar Head Guard for unbeatable protection.