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Carbon Claw Water Bag


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Carbon Claw Water Bag Aero AX5

Water Bag's are a brilliant alternative to a standard punch bag. This Carbon Claw Aero AX5 helps replicate the feeling of landing a body punch and is also has a bit more give, perfect if you're coming back from an injury. We recommend only using a water bag for punching and to wear boxing gloves when. Because the water bag comes empty you also have a good saving on delivery costs vs a standard punchbag due to the weight being a lot less. Simply take the bag to a hose or tap & fill with cold water. In the box is a D-shackle which you can see in the images is attached to the top. It is made from a quality marine grade PVC to help with durability and ensure it doesn’t degrade.

Water Bag Dimensions - Punchbag For All Needs

The rough dimensions for each water bag when filled are,
15" - 30kg (15" diameter & 21" height)
18" - 50kg (18" diameter & 25" height)
21" - 70kg (21" diameter & 30" height)

We recommend using a water bag hanging kit for the chains. You can order them at Seconds Out but please note these are not included with the bag.