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Carbon Claw 6 Leg Heavy Chains


Carbon Claw 6 Leg Heavy Chains is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Carbon Claw 6 Leg Heavy Chains

This Carbon Claw 6 Leg Heavy Punch Bag Chain Set is ideal for hanging those big punch bags. They are good for hanging punch or kick bags up to 75kg in weight. At the top is a swivel and d-ring to help support wear & tear and make sure the chains last well. At the bottom each leg has a d-ring clip to attach to your punch bag. This punch bag chain set is really built to last and when quality and durability is important this chain set is a winner.

Premium Quality Punchbag Chains

These 6 Leg chains are high quality and durable. They will be suited to any 6 leg Punchbag. When you're looking for quality chains, look no further. Secure your punch bag today!