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Carbon Claw 2ft Folding Bracket


Carbon Claw 2ft Folding Bracket

Carbon Claw Folding Punchbag Bracket – your key to maximising home gym space. Supporting punchbags up to 30kg, this bracket ensures a sturdy foundation for your intense workouts.

Secure Your Punchbag & Fold Away

Crafted for stability, the 6-point fixing system minimises wobbling, providing a secure setup for heavy punchbags. No need to compromise on space – with a 2ft extension from the wall, it strikes the perfect balance. Plus, easily fold it away for a clutter-free zone when your session is over.

Installation is a breeze with all fixings included. For optimum stability, fix it to a brick wall. The Carbon Claw Folding Punchbag Bracket is your reliable companion for boxing or martial arts, catering to all fitness levels.

High Quality Punchbag Bracket

What sets it apart? The high-quality powder coat finish gives the frame a sleek look. And here's the game-changer – the eye bolt swivel fixing, the crucial link between the bag and wall bracket. Over time, wear is inevitable, but fear not. Unlike other brackets, Carbon Claw have designed this as a replaceable part, so you can swap it out without buying a whole new bracket.

Make your workout space dynamic with this folding punchbag bracket. Elevate your training with a secure, space-saving, and durable solution. Order now and experience the convenience of a bracket that delivers on both performance and practicality.

If you're looking for a quality and affordable bracket for your punchbag, look no further than this. The Carbon Claw Folding Punch Bag Bracket.