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Boxing Boots Replacement Laces - Oval 180cm


Boxing Boots Replacement Laces - Oval 180cm
Perfect for Nike Hyper KO 2 Boxing Boots
Upgrade your boxing gear with our Oval Shoe Laces. Perfect for Nike Hyper KO 2 Boxing Boots. Designed to seamlessly fit the specific dimensions of these boots, therefore ensuring optimal performance and support during intense training sessions.
The Perfect Length:
After our research we found 180cm Oval Laces were the perfect size. Meticulously measured to wrap around the back of your boxing boots with ease. This proves acctional support and fit every time. Tie them securely in place, knowing they'll stay put throughout your entire training session or bout.
Available in Various Colors
Express your unique style with our selection of vibrant neon colors or classic shades to match any boxing boot. Whether you prefer a bold statement or a subtle accent, we have the perfect color to complement your gear. Match these new replacement boxing boots laces with your footwear.
Easy to Change
Say goodbye to hassle with our easy to change Oval Laces. Swap them out effortlessly to keep your boxing boots looking fresh and performing at their best. Upgrade your training experience today with Boxing Boots Replacement Laces - Oval 180cm.