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Boxing Boots Replacement Laces - Flat 130cm


Boxing Boots Replacement Laces - Flat 130cm
For athletes seeking the ideal fit, these Flat 130cm replacement laces are tailored for various boxing boots. We have tested and meased these to suit perfectly Nike Machomai Boxing Boots. These laces ensure optimal performance and durability during intense training sessions and competitions.

At 130cm, these flat laces provide the perfect length to wrap around the back of your boots and tie securely, offering stability and comfort throughout your workout or bout.

Choose from a vibrant array of neon or classic colours to match any style or preference. Make your boxing boots stand out in the ring or training to seamlessly complement your kit.

Swap out your laces effortlessly to keep your boots looking fresh and performing at their best, allowing you to focus solely on your training without any hassle.