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Above picture is a Manny Pacquiao Special Edition Nike Hyper KO Boxing Boot signed by Manny. Part of our memorabilia collection.


When it comes to boxing boots, few have achieved the iconic status and continued popularity of the Nike Hyper KO. These boots have stood the test of time, captivating both athletes and fans alike. They first gaining attention during the epic bout between Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito in 2012. Nike Hyper KO quickly became known for high performance shoes in the boxing world. Though initially exclusive to professional fighters, they eventually became available to the public in 2014. This really started a craze that has continued to this day.

Unleashing the Power of Nike Hyper KO

One of the defining points of the Nike Hyper KO is its lightweight design. This offers boxers the agility and speed they need in the ring. The boots provide exceptional grip, allowing fighters to maintain their footing and deliver powerful punches with precision. Athletes rave about the incredible comfort of the Hyper KO, ensuring that their focus remains solely on their opponents. The unique Velcro strap on the instep offers added stability. Therefore enhancing the fit and helping stop any slippage during intense training sessions or fights.

Technological Brilliance

Nike included their groundbreaking Flywire technology into the Hyper KO, reinforcing the boot's structure without adding unnecessary weight. This innovation combines lightweight cables with strategically placed support, for a snug and secure fit for boxers. The result is a boot that molds to the foot, providing optimal support and stability. All while reducing fatigue and the risk of injury. The combination of sleek design and cutting edge technology creates a stunning look. This further cementes the Hyper KO's place as a coveted symbol of style and performance.

A Legacy Continues

Despite its remarkable success, Nike discontinued the original Hyper KO model around 2019. However, the demand for these legendary boots has not waned. The Hyper KO 2.0 was introduced as a worthy successor. These boots incorporated advancements in technology and design to meet the evolving needs of boxers. While the Hyper KO 2.0 offers enhanced features, the original version remains highly sought after by many boxers who have a love for its historic significance and incredible performance.

Nike Hyper KO Boxing Boots Conclusion

The Nike Hyper KO Boxing Boots History have left an real mark on the sport of boxing. Captivating fighters and fans alike with their exceptional performance and timeless style. From their initial introduction during the Pacquiao vs Margarito fight in 2012 to their eventual availability to the public in 2014, these boots have cemented their place as one of the most iconic boxing footwear ever created. Although the original Hyper KO has been replaced, its popularity is a testament to its remarkable legacy in the world of boxing.

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